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Certified Forest Therapy 
Trails, Spaces & Places

Designating a natural area exclusively for nature and forest therapy is a resolute commitment to prioritize human well-being and safeguard the health of our environment. By certifying such a space for forest therapy, land managers and owners can offer solace and rejuvenation to visitors while also enjoying invaluable benefits. These include enhancing land value and attractiveness, diversifying revenue streams, promoting environmental stewardship, fostering collaborations and partnerships, facilitating public engagement and education, and ensuring long-term conservation and sustainability. By embracing the certification process and actively managing the area, land managers and owners play a vital role in providing transformative experiences in nature, conserving biodiversity, and inspiring a deeper connection between people and the natural world. Simultaneously, visitors gain access to a therapeutic haven, experiencing reduced stress, improved mental health, and a profound connection with nature. 

What is a Forest Therapy
TraiL, Space or Place?

A Forest Therapy Trail, Space or Place is a natural area where people along a broad spectrum of fitness levels can interact with nature and forests, primarily through their senses. Some Forest Therapy Trails, Spaces & Places may be found in more traditional settings, like arboreta and botanical gardens, while other places might include spas, nature-adventure parks, hospital gardens, farms, urban parks, retreat centers, universities, public or private forestlands, conservancies and other unique settings. ANFT considers areas for certification based initially on criteria such as accessibility, safety, biodiversity, natural features, and management. We also consider how infrastructure and signage can promote both guided and self-guided Forest Therapy experiences on the trail. We strive to affirm the beauty and dignity of all ecosystems, and so, ask yourself, "Is this a place where people connect deeply with nature?" If the answer is yes, then this space is probably a good Forest Therapy Trail candidate.

Guided Experiences: Trails, spaces & places in which an Certified Guide will conduct Forest Therapy sessions. Trails in this category are designed to enhance the experience of guided Forest Therapy walks.

Self-guided Experiences: Trails, spaces & places in which signage and/or a self-guide allows visitors to replicate the experience of a guided Forest Therapy session without a guide. Such trails are often modified through the addition of signage (on-site or digital) designed specifically to allow visitors to guide themselves through a series of Forest Therapy invitations along the trail.

Dual Purpose : Guided and Self-guided experiences- Trails. spaces & places in which both guided and self-guided experiences are served.  

Certification Process

If you think your location is a good candidate, complete the TSP (Trails, Spaces & Places) Certification Interest form below. Once we receive your form, we will contact you and assist you with the certification process. 

Phase 1
The focus of this phase is on assessing the trail, offering recommendations for trail modifications, and matching Forest Therapy invitations to specific places along the trail. The consultant and you (or your land manager) will walk the trail together and complete a trail assessment. The consultant will likely recommend improvements to the trail to support forest therapy experiences. There will be photos and videos made to help communicate specific opportunities and issues.

Phase 2
After ANFT reviews and approves the documents from Phase 1, land managers will be responsible for making improvements noted in the Phase 1 assessment.

Phase 3
The ANFT Trail Consultant will returning to the site and together with you or your land manager will update the assessment and document site improvements. When this is complete and documents are submitted to ANFT, the land manager will receive official Certified Forest Therapy Trail status. The new ANFT Certified Forest Therapy Trail will be added to the ANFT Certified Forest Therapy Trail map on the ANFT website.

Interest Form
Type of certification you are interested in?

Thank you for your interest! We will contact you soon! 

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